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I thought it might be a good idea to send you a quick summary of my notes from our conversation since I was off-topic some of the time.

First, I do prefer the design to be something similar to Pam Jenoff's in style, colors, etc. Of course, we don't want to replicate but I thought looking at something I like might help you visualize a design I prefer. I would appreciate some design ideas for a title/logo of my name, so I can share that across the web for consistency. 

The content for the landing page (the book's description) is included in the attached media kit. If you need me to send the book's description and bio as word documents, please let me know.

Second, two blurbs for the landing page are coming in an email to follow. As I get more, I will send them to you. These first two are authors, so I will send you how their names should look and I would like a hyperlink under each author's name to their Amazon and Barnes & Noble pages to help their book sales as well. (My thank-you to them.)

Third, I am attaching my bio from the publisher's media kit. I've also attached a photo.

Fourth, an email will follow with an example of how hyperlinks to booksellers were displayed on another author's website. 

Fifth, my social media pages are not yet established but will be sent to you between this week and next. I will be using Facebook, Instagram/Bookstagram, Twitter and Linkedin. I would like icons for each to appear on each page.

Sixth, I would like the tabs across the top to be as follows:

  • Author 

  • Twin Destinies-Excerpt (or something similar you like better)

  • Gallery

  • Connect (with an email subscription form) I'll send you written copy for this page. (Please see Brad Thor's Connect page.)


Lastly, I will send you the URL's that need to be forwarded to the website. The website's main address is I purchased them from Network Solutions. Let me know what you need from me so you can get them.

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