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The True Story of the Pappas Twins,
1950s Teen Radio Stars and Broadcasters

in the Classic Hits Era

By Kathy Pappas Angelos

Twin Destinies-Excerpt

Twin Destinies - First Look

A nostalgic look back at the exciting teen music and dance craze of the 50s through the classic hits era of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.


Twin Destinies tells the story of Pete and Mike Pappas, the twin sons of Greek immigrants who defied predictions of failure and worked their way to the top of the broadcasting business in the exciting and glamorous classic hits era of 1950s radio and television.

Pete and Mike pitched the idea for a show dedicated to teens, “Pete and Mike’s Dance Time,” in their hometown of Modesto, California, and, due to their talent and charismatic personalities, quickly found themselves local celebrities. Soon the twins entered the burgeoning television industry with their own half-hour program, “Pete and Mike’s Variety Show,” airing on KTVU in Stockton.

Fame followed Pete and Mike even after they enlisted in the military. While in the service, bags of fan mail arrived weekly, and love letters from fans followed them wherever they were based. After returning from the service, Pete and Mike’s strong, loving bond as identical twins found them pursuing broadcasting careers and living their lives together, overcoming obstacles in the business world and achieving the success their immigrant parents had dreamed would one day be theirs.

During their broadcasting careers, Pete and Mike Pappas owned and managed Valley favorites such as KGEN-AM and KBOS-FM in Tulare, KMPH-TV 26 in Visalia and Fresno, KTRB-AM and KHOP-FM in Modesto, and KZEL-FM in Eugene, Oregon.

Twin Destinies is a story of hard work, perseverance, and the love between twin brothers that was the foundation of their American success story. 


Twin Destinies is a book about facing and building on adversity. It is about a vision and determination. There is a lesson here beyond the dinner table. It is the lesson of what it means to succeed and what it takes to do it.”

James Ardaiz, Author

“In Greece, the Pappas family lived off the land. In America, they switched and started living off the sky’s broadcasting waves. Was their new business any easier than the old? While this fascinating memoir will let you judge for yourself, it will convince you that the road to success is never easy, wherever you happen to be. And without family, friends, hard work and plain luck, you’ll never reach the finish.”

William B. Secrest, Author

“From the challenges of a tough immigrant life in America, to a thriving broadcasting empire, Kathy
captures the dynamic personality of the family and what made them successful – a must read!”

Kopi Sotiropulos

Weatherman & Great Day Co-Anchor, KMPH Fox 26

Inducted into the Gold Circle for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 2022 for 50 years

of Outstanding Contributions to the Broadcast Community


KTRB radio jingles, circa 1970's. These jingles were aired during the Pappas brothers ownership of KTRB. A heartfelt "thank you" to the Modesto Radio Museum for preserving radio history in the Modesto, California area and making these jingles available to the public. To learn more, go here:

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